Dal-Ashta Outpost

Long have you scavenged Akara's dying lands. For your patron, you've found works of art in the lost cities of the Bloodsands. You've rescued creatures sure to go extinct in the spreading Bone Wastes. You've dueled with Kanuman star-raiders and the man-eating tribes displaced from their once fertile hunting grounds. Now, at last, you have proven yourselves as capable.

Now you enter into the world of Torn.

Attached to this post is a picture of the first thing you see: the legend'd Dal-Ashta Outpost. This is the first settlement akarans ever made in Torn. It is a village where Tarnaki artificers run constant experiments, where the Scavenger's Guild examines any and all treasure discovered, and where other, stranger, more skilled scavengers than yourself prepare their month, sometimes year-long expeditions into the great unknown.

Here, the air is different. It is heavy and it smells faintly of copper. The sun melts as it approaches the horizon, and the stars blossom like flowers against a night sky sometimes a hundred colors different. In the distance, you see two souls approaching the Outpost. Scavengers returning from their missions. Who knows what things they have seen?

You've heard the rumors. Cities the size of mountain-ranges, made of a weird hybrid of stone and metal, deserted, churning with gears, haunted with shard-powered constructs. A forest where the sounds of lamenting women can be heard, ruled over by strange creatures of wood that flower like water and assume mocking human shapes. Vast plains where grass blood-red weep liquid glass quick to harden. Swarms of lights, all different colors, eddying in the atmosphere, eddying around you, moving in a current unseen, somehow alive and somehow not.

Yes, Torn is a place as strange as it is infinite. But now, scavengers, you have earned the right to be here. Where will you go next?

Alexandru Negoita