Scavenger Playtest F.A.Q.

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, you can get the Scavenger 5e playtest on DriveThruRPG here or a direct download here. While you’re reading through it please remember that this is a playtest, many of the concepts are not set in stone yet so we want your opinion!

Now that you have read through it please let us know what you think by discussing it on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. In the near future we’ll also have a survey for more detailed responses.

For now we’ve created this FAQ to answer some questions and confusions that have arisen from the playtest.

FAQ for Version 1.0

Rule Changes in Scavenger

  • Use of “attribute

All instance of attribute in relation to a character’s ability scores should be read as “ability score”

  • When do Death Saves reset?

Currently this is a lifetime number, it never resets. We wanted a setting that pushed the lethality harder than in core 5E, so we decided to make it so that you can only fall to 0 HP a number of times the entire character's life before death inevitably comes

Scavenger’s Equipment

  • Encumbrance

Encumbrance should be calculated as 5+StrMod+ConMod+IntMod+Container Capacity.


Is the 2nd level Max Spell Level/Spellcasting Points by Level Table correct?

No, the 2nd level Max Spell Level should read “1st”


Some shardcasters have spells that aren’t on the list.

These are incorrect and will be updated.

Kith and Morg

The kith and morg are the two races that are found on Akara aside from humans.

Kith are humanoid, smaller, agile, tribal hunters, using night vision. They live in primitive huts in the forest. Most of them can be found living hidden within the Woods of Woe

Morgs - humanoid, tall, very strong, slower, muscular, four hands, a dying race, not very numerous.

"I was hiding across the pond, just beneath some bushes bone-dead. HE was sitting there, all four arms crossed over that trunk-chest, one foot locked in a trap. The Kanumans talked freely. One said that the Morg was too thick to understand what they were saying. Another was explaining the trap to a younger slaver, maybe an apprentice. Only I saw the twinkle in that Morg's eye. That twinkle that appears only when the answer forward is grasped--grasped like the necks of those slavers when the Morg quickly undid the trap and snapped their spines like they were breaking some poor refugee's wood-doll. Then he winked at me. At ME. Shit. Never think a Morg stupid because of their muteness. He's reminded me of this lesson a dozen times since."

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